Our HQ Procurement team bring 90+ years’ combined CES experience, managing 22 sites facilitating 38 CES contracts. As experts in researching, sourcing, negotiating and logistics, they apply know-how and connections to secure the best prices without compromise on quality. Our Head of Procurement is CIPS qualified.


We are the largest single purchaser of community equipment in the UK, buying in excess of £55m per annum, wherever possible, we always endeavour to purchase equipment locally.

When selecting equipment we consider:

  • Purchase Price
  • Consumables Cost
  • Re-Use Levels
  • Cleaning Costs
  • Scrappage Rates
  • Delivery Costs
  • Spare Parts usage
  • Whole Life Costs
  • Labour Costs to maintain

Non-catalogue Items

We engage with the ‘Big-5’ Specialist Providers to procure Specials, these are as follows:

When selecting equipment we consider:

  • R82 UK Limited
  • James Leckey Design Ltd
  • Prism Medical
  • Accora
  • Seating Matters

We share Specials Company-wide, utilising DEMAND, the third-sector organisation to audit and refurbish wherever possible, recently implementing our bulk storage of recycled Specials, “Centre of Excellence” in Ely, maximising availability across all Contracts.

Medequip’s ethos is to, wherever possible, utilise recycled Specials before buying new. Before purchasing new Special we cross-reference all contracts to see if we have a core or recycled Special to fulfil service requirements.

Supply Chain

We are dedicated to providing high quality, affordable equipment through an efficient and ethical supply chain; in order to achieve this, Suppliers are required to demonstrate:

  • Compliance in every aspect to legislation regarding their impact on the environment
  • Are fair value for the price, quality and volume offered
  • Meet government, industry and Medequip’s Health, Safety and Quality standards

Our service is enhanced by our unique vendor-neutral status in the medical equipment service market; due to us having no product agenda and allowing us to provide Customers with best value.

All new Suppliers of standard and special equipment receive a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) which identifies ISO accreditations, public and employer liability insurance and Criminal Record Bureau checks. A full Supplier site audit is then undertaken by Medequip SHEQ personnel.

Such considerations will form the backbone of the evaluation and selection criteria for goods and services purchased by Medequip. In order to best facilitate service delivery, we utilise a vast range of Suppliers, including:

IT System

Medequip’s state of the art IT system facilitates end to end management of orders and related equipment. This ensures full compliance with all Legislative medical device requirements, linked seamlessly to our on-line catalogue.

Catalogue Management

Account Managers utilise specific account plans to highlight, action and monitor equipment falling below recycling expectations, linking with Procurement to discuss re-design or substitution.

Product Innovation

Our Purchasing team always attend conferences and exhibitions, such as NAIDEX, the UK’s largest disability event, The Care Show, NAEP (the National Association of Equipment Providers), and Trade Days, to ensure we can continually identify cost efficiencies, improve our product awareness and future innovations.

Equipment Review Groups

Medequip hold regular contract meetings and Equipment Review Groups (ERGs) with Commissioners, addressing any concerns or areas for improvements, allowing us to monitor equipment usage throughout contract duration and discuss potential equipment innovation.


Medequip’s key supply chains are predominantly based in the UK. We carry out due diligence on all supply chain partners and ensure their compliance with the Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Act.

We ensure that our key Suppliers are aware of our Standards and take appropriate measures to ensure that they adhere to the same high standards.

Our commitment to you

Responding to customer needs with a professional approach and in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about Medequip and the services we provide.

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