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Medequip to manage CES provision across Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham and the Hoo Peninsula

Medway Council, which according to research released in February 2020 is one of the highest performing councils in the country for adult social care, has appointed Medequip to manage CES provision across the area covered by the council including Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham and the Hoo Peninsula.

This is our third CES contract gain in 2020. As the UK’s leading CES provider, we now manage more than 40 contracts supplying a range of equipment from simple aids for daily living through to more complex pieces of equipment enabling people to receive appropriate care and remain safely in their home environment.

Medequip will also provide Medway Council with advanced equipment management and reporting facilities, using the new TCES Community platform and Microsoft BI reporting capabilities to ensure greater visibility of information and customised reports to match council requirements.

We are currently working with the existing provider to retain the existing depot premises, supporting minimal disruption to service delivery team members.

The Medequip team is proud to have been selected by Medway as their chosen partner for the supply of community equipment, stated Neil Harris, Medequip’s Implementation Manager for Medway. Working with the council, we plan to first evaluate existing service delivery systems, current community equipment and then, in partnership, begin training and implementation of new products and an enhanced IT solution. To support the implementation process and going forward into the future, Medequip will work closely with service users to develop service provision to best match their needs.

A recent survey by IMPOWER highlighted Medway as one of 15 councils achieving greater than average outcomes from a less than average spend per head. This research indicates that Medway residents using social care are receiving better outcomes, alongside the council making better use of public funds.

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