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Project Scope – Medequip Targets Net Zero by 2030

Project Scope – Medequip Targets Net Zero by 2030

Medequip Assistive Technology has announced its commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030 with the launch of the company’s ambitious Project Scope decarbonisation plan. The objective is ten years ahead of the official government target.

Medequip launched its first Environmental Policy back in 2019, outlining the company’s commitment to minimising the negative impacts of its commercial activities. The overarching Project Scope will take in every aspect of business operations aimed at removing CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

The cross-business initiative is headed up by Project Sponsor Operations and Commercial Director Andrew Firth. “We have been working on sustainability and decarbonisation goals for some years now,” stated Andrew. “As a result, we fully anticipate being able to achieve our ambitious targets now we have established a firm baseline. We have aligned with our parent company Medux in our efforts, and this forms an essential part of the strategy that we are responsible for delivering.”

Work began in earnest in 2023 supported by a cross business team, engaging general managers and carrying out detailed property surveys. Decarbonisation quarterly update meetings, internal stakeholder meetings and a customer communications campaign are all scheduled to map out the route towards Net Zero by 2030.

Medequip has already taken significant steps on the road to decarbonisation, including minimising energy consumption across the depots by a life cycle assessment and the introduction of improved energy optimisation routing and processes.

  • The company has already launched a hybrid approach to working for a significant percentage of staff, successfully reducing carbon generated by employees commuting activities
  • In addition, a hybrid approach to board and committee meetings means less carbon is already generated by governance activities
  • Between January 2021 and December 2022, Medequip facilitated the recycling and reuse of almost 2.3M tons of community equipment and is already CO2 negative in terms metal waste
  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed in all depots
  • Electricity is now sourced from 100% renewable energy, via solar or wind turbines
  • All new sites occupied by the company have EPC A or B ratings
  • Medequip is currently transitioning to electric vehicles across the fleet
  • The company has developed an environmental e-learning module to advise and educate the workforce, and supported a ‘cycle to work’ scheme.

In addition, a ‘Big Switch Off’ Campaign running across the depots in 2024 is targeting a further 3% energy reduction.

Richard Mclean, responsible for Business Improvement at Medequip, outlined the plans to achieve Medequip’s goals. “We are currently gathering data on our Scope 3 emissions to ensure we have a robust baseline upon which to build our reduction targets, and have put in place interim targets to enable us to monitor progress and ensure we are on track to achieve our goal of Net Zero by 2030,” he stated.

Further significant investments to achieve the ‘Ideal Depot’ will include solar panel installations, swapping out gas boilers for electric and the installation of electric pressure washers in cleaning departments across the estate.

For Medequip, decarbonisation goes hand in hand with social responsibility. “We will continue with our ongoing commitment to a return, recycle and reuse policy,” explained Michaela Harris. “Our budget for tree planting will further offset our carbon emissions, and our connections with overseas charities ensure we optimise reuse of equipment to achieve positive results.”

Into the future, Medequip plans to use carbon capture and offsetting to help achieve the company’s environmental ambitions, and will require suppliers to confirm their commitment to the government target of Net Zero by 2050.

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