Important information about loaned equipment

If you did not purchase your equipment and it is on loan to you, it must not be sold or disposed of. When you no longer require the equipment that is on loan, please contact Medequip to request free collection. Please visit our Contact Page to find your nearest Medequip depot.

Alternatively, you may return the equipment to your local drop off point, please Contact Us for more details or visit our Returning Equipment page.

If you purchased your equipment and are looking to dispose of it, please read on.

Waste Electrical, Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Battery Recycling

What is WEEE?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013.

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. An item is classed as being WEEE if it needs electricity to do what it is intended to do. The electricity can also come from a battery source. There are a number of independent living products which are covered by WEEE, including large WEEE such as profiling beds and bathlifts, and small WEEE such as telephones and personal alarms. The WEEE Directive was introduced in 2006 to make manufacturers and retailers responsible for collecting and recycling WEEE.

Why recycle?

  • Recycling and reusing unwanted electrical or electronics can help save the planet, boost the economy and improve lives. Not only that, electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) contains materials, parts and substances which can be dangerous to the environment and harmful to human health if not disposed of correctly.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment is now the fastest growing waste stream in the UK and across the world.
  • Discover the impact of reusing and recycling your electricals here:

  • Recycle Your Electricals

What can I recycle?

  • Anything with a plug, battery or cable can be recycled or reused! The materials from recycled electricals can be used in everything from children's playgrounds to lifesaving equipment, while donated tech can help bridge the digital divide.
  • You'll find this symbol on all your electrical items. It is a reminder to recycle your old electricals, rather than binning them.

  • WEEE Icon

We will recycle your old electrical item for FREE when your buy a new product from us

As a retailer and distributor of electrical and electronic equipment, we are very happy to recycle your old electrical items when buying a new like-for-like or similar item from any Medequip retail outlet or our Manage At Home website.

How can I recycle my old WEEE equipment or product?

  • You can return any item of waste electrical or electronic equipment by returning the item to any of our Medequip depots or our shop at Royal Derby Hospital. (Our Locations)
  • You can choose to post smaller waste electrical or electronic items back to us at your cost (please ensure they are clean and do not include any batteries (see below) to:

    Medequip, Armytage Road, Brighouse HD6 1QF

  • You can request us to collect from your larger items of electrical equipment when you buy a new one. This will normally take place at the same time as delivery of your new product. There is a reasonable charge made for this service.

Please be aware that the new regulations don't entitle you to free collection of WEEE from your home. Visit or contact your local council to locate your nearest recycling site for WEEE if you need to recycle an appliance yourself.

How can I recycle my used batteries?

Everything from AA and AAA batteries, to mobile phone batteries and button cells used in hearing aids and watches, can be deposited for recycling using facilities in all our depots. You don't have to have purchased new batteries or battery-containing products to be able to recycle your old ones.

We're only able to accept portable batteries that can be easily hand-carried for recycling. Other batteries, including automotive and industrial batteries, can be recycled at other sites across the UK. Visit Recycle Now or contact your local authority for more information.

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