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What services does Medequip offer?
What is the Community Equipment Service?

Medequip is commissioned to provide Community Equipment Services on behalf of local authorities and the NHS across the UK.

The service includes the supply, delivery, installation, repair, maintenance, collection and recycling of community equipment, once prescribed by a Health or Social Care Professional. Equipment is provided on loan to support independent living until you no longer need it, then collected and recycled.

How do I request equipment to help me live more independently?

To access equipment you will need to have an assessment. You can ask your GP for a referral or contact your Council’s Social Care Team.

How do I get in touch about the repair/maintenance/technical issues of equipment loaned to me?

Contact your local Medequip Service Centre. There is a telephone number on the equipment label, along with an equipment reference number. Please quote the reference number to help us support you.

How do I return equipment?

You can drop-off equipment at your convenience to a local return location or Contact your local Medequip Service Centre to request a free of charge collection. There is a telephone number on the equipment label, along with an equipment reference number. Please quote the reference number to help us process your request.

Why return equipment that is no longer required?

Local NHS and Social Care Services lose thousands of pounds each year due to missing equipment. All items returned will be assessed, cleaned, safety tested and either repaired and reused or stripped down for recycling.

How do I leave a compliment or make a complaint?
Can I purchase equipment myself?

Our Service Centres have a small selection of daily living aids available to purchase. For the full range of independent living equipment such as Rollators, Bath Lifts, Riser Recliner Chairs visit Manage At Home – Your Online Medequip Retail Store.

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Purchasing your own equipment can empower independent living with the freedom of choosing the equipment that you want to use.

Please be advised that you should consider whether you need a professional assessment before purchasing any equipment that may affect your balance, mobility, posture, pressure care, ability to summon help and general safety. People with complex needs and requirements are advised to request an assessment from an occupational therapist or appropriate health or social care professional.

How can I find out what equipment is available to help me with everyday tasks?

Visit – a free online self-assessment tool, giving you impartial advice about all types of equipment, to make daily living easier. Simply choose a topic and answer some questions for a personal report.

What services are available that offer remote support to elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who live alone in their own homes?

For self-funded telecare and monitoring options please visit Medequip Connect.

Medequip Connect Services

What else does Medequip do?

Medequip Giving Something Back

We engage with the communities in many ways including:

  • We give our employees paid leave to volunteer.
  • We work to increase the recruitment of disabled and disadvantaged people.
  • We donate equipment and raise funds for charities.
  • We work with community groups to share information on living independently and how to access services and equipment

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How do I apply for a job at Medequip?

Visit the Medequip Careers page to find out more. Medequip is proud to be a Disability Confident Employer.

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