Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Medequip consider that environmental protection is of, at least, equal importance in comparison to any other aspect of business management and is committed to promoting high standards of environmental management on all of our sites, premises, and in all of our activities.

Our Environmental Management System is ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Medequip inspect and audit operations throughout the year, using health, safety, environmental and quality team and external organisations, supported by our operating teams to ensure sound environmental practice.

We have set environmental objectives and targets which are measured, monitored and reviewed to enable continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Environmental objectives are set at an organisational and local level through our Business Plan. Recent examples are detailed below:

Emissions from Vehicles

All vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained to manufacturers requirements and abide to European legislation on fuel emissions. Vehicles procured are Euro 6 classified, reducing Nitrogen dioxide emissions by more than 55%. Effective route planning, eco-driving and car sharing increase fuel efficiency.

Water Discharge from Cleaning

Cleaning processes have been developed and improved to enable full decontamination with minimal environmental impact and water discharge e.g. use of steam washers compared to jet. Water discharge agreed with water authorities consent / letter of authority.

'Green' Cleaning Materials

Partnership working with chemical suppliers to provide the most effective solution for decontamination and infection control e.g. J-Flex system enables auto dose chemical mix with water, ensures correct dilution rates, reduces spill hazard and employee COSHH health risk.

Recycling Waste

Our partner Augean manage our waste management solutions. Minimising waste destined to landfill by separating and recycling waste streams. Medequip operate an agreed ‘scrap list’ and items over £50.00 in value will be pre-authorised by Commissioners therefore optimising recycling returns.

Energy Consumption

Energy use is monitored on a monthly basis. Switch it off campaigns, energy efficient lighting use, electrical equipment and gas boilers are regularly serviced to reduce unwarranted energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Disposal of Non-Recyclable Waste

All non-recyclable waste is kept to an absolute minimum and compliant under duty of care, waste hierarchy and WEEE regulatory requirements, waste carriers and destination sites are checked quarterly for legal compliance.

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