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Heathrow Depot Helps Feed Hillingdon Hospital Staff

It’s tough out there for everyone, but even though our Heathrow warehouse team has been working really hard to ensure Medequip people are supplied with PPE to keep all of us and our service users safe, they’re also making time to support front line staff at Hillingdon Hospital.

Warehouse Supervisor Jamie Welland is particularly aware of the challenges they face as his fiancée is a nurse at the hospital, working long hours to give the patients the care they need to overcome COVID-19. She told Jamie just how important the many food and drink donations from local businesses have been in keeping front line workers motivated, just by knowing how much people care.

So Jamie and his Heathrow colleagues decided to help too. They started fundraising, and Jamie got in contact with a team coordinating a food bank at Hillingdon Hospital serving key workers who have so little time and energy to shop and cater for themselves. Many workers are using the small donations for meal time and lunch time sustenance – a small thing but having food and drink at their disposal is very uplifting and very helpful to many of them.

Jamie is delighted to report a really positive response. As a result, he and the team were able to visit Costco and spend over £500 on food supplies to make an important contribution to the work already begun by the local community to keep our front line staff supplied with food and snacks.

It went further than that, too. The team has been able to donate £500 to the hospital charity dedicated to building better wards and improved facilities for patients and staff. Some £200 remaining went to another charity supplying hot meals for hospital staff.

It was a great feeling that night for all of us who had been involved that while we were sleeping, others were benefiting from what we had helped to set up, said Jamie. Special thanks to Claire Field, Jitesh Chapaneri and Hitesh Patel who helped on the day and were there from start to finish.

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