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Medequip Unveiled as Kit Sponsors for Durham Based Football Club for the 20/21 Season

Medequip Unveiled as Kit Sponsors for Durham Based Football Club

As part of our 'Giving Something Back' initiative, We are pleased to announce that we have sponsored the training kits for Chilton WMC FC for the upcoming season.

Chilton WMC FC is one of the longest-serving football teams in the local area, having been running since World War 2.

Over the years the club has remained a competitive force, particularly in the last 5 years, where the club have reached the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals in several County Cups, as well as securing promotion back into the Premier Division and winning the Local League Cup.

Tom Rogers, from Medequip's Marketing department, worked with the club to secure the sponsorship ahead of the 20/21 season. He believes that the community aspect of the club made them a perfect match for the company's ideals.

'The club approached us after seeing our vans around the area and in their pitch, they impressed immediately.

'It was the charitable aspect that sold it to us. we've been looking to offer this sort of opportunity to people in contract areas that want to give back to their local people, just as Medequip aim to do as a company, so when a club that acts as such a pillar of their community got in touch, we couldn't turn it down.'

Chilton's community values mean that each year, they actively look to give something back into the local area, taking part in pre-season football and cricket tournaments that raise funds for local charities. They also host 2 charity events every year, boasting attendances of up to 300 people each time.

The club's first event of the year has always been run to raise money for a chosen family in the local area who are going through a difficult time and are unable to seek help from anywhere else.

The funds raised in previous years have been used to fund Taxi's to hospital treatments, family trips and purchase expensive special equipment.

In 15 years of running the events, the club claims to raise between £1000-£3000 per year, in which all is donated back.

Good Luck for the new season, Chilton WMC FC!

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