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Medequip Adopts Biotech Cleaning Products Across the Estate

Medequip Adopts Biotech Cleaning Products Across the Estate

Cleaning and decontamination is an essential part of the work carried out across Medequip depots, a vital step in the ‘recycle and reuse’ community equipment process. As part of the organisation’s stated drive towards Net Zero, Medequip’s procurement team has completed a project to identify new products to enable the company to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in their day-to-day operational procedures.

The BioHygiene range provided an excellent match to meet Medequip’s requirements. The leading biotech brand in the UK, BioHygiene provides a comprehensive range of cleaning products designed around ecotechnology with the focus on environmental protection.

Biotechnology products use microbes, enzymes and natural plant extracts to provide powerful cleaning capabilities, working deep into surfaces to remove dirt and grease. In addition to the ecological benefits, biotech cleaning can be more effective as well as being easier to use than traditional chemical cleaning products.

Medequip and BioHygiene carried out extensive product trials at Medequip depots across the UK to assess the performance and potential for the biotech products. Following the successful conclusion of the trial, BioHygiene products will be rolled out across the Medequip estate, with the implementation process completed by the end of Q1 this year, supported by training for Medequip personnel in the use and handling of the products.

“BioHygiene are providing us with environmentally sound products giving us the proven cleaning capabilities we require, alongside improved ease of use and safety for our people handling these materials every day,” stated Mike West, procurement director for Medequip. “We are committed to the use of ethical products in our operational procedures, and adopting BioHygiene products enables us to contribute to sustainability as well as ensuring we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for the people who use our equipment.”

BioHygiene products used by Medequip include surface and floor cleaners, washroom cleaners, all purpose sanitisers, odour neutralisers, urinal and toilet cleaners, gum, mark and graffiti removers, laundry detergents and destainers.

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