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Medequip Retains CES Contract for Derby City

Medequip Retains CES Contract for Derby City

We are pleased to announce that we've been awarded a new contract by NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG and Derby City Council to provide CES (Community Equipment Services) across the city until the end of November, 2023.

Medequip has partnered with NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG and Derby City Council since 2011, managing the Equipment Loan Service and helping to keep the people of Derby City independent in their own homes for longer. This new contract underlines the commitment to performance and cooperation underpinning the Medequip service.

There are some significant changes within the framework of the contract, designed to further improve responses to Service Users as well as maintaining the quality of the service. The new contract will see the introduction of three levels of service delivery. Delivery Speed 1 means equipment will be delivered within four hours from the time of prescription. This will enable fast turnaround to support hospital discharges requiring urgent equipment deliveries. Delivery Speed 2 guarantees delivery within 24 hours, and Delivery Speed 3 will enable equipment deliveries within three days. Creating these levels will enable Medequip to react swiftly to the most urgent requirements.

When equipment is required to be transferred between locations, the transfer speeds used to be within three days, but will now fall under three new service speed options. Transfer Speed 1 will mean equipment can be transferred from the current location to the new location within four hours. Transfer Speed 2, within 24 hours and Transfer Speed 3, within three days. Collections of equipment no longer required will be within 5 days.

Alongside the contracted Equipment Loan Service work, Medequip will be providing equipment to support the local KITE (Kids In Their Environment) Community Nursing Team. These specialist nurses work with children and young adults with long-term conditions requiring extra care and support, enabling them to be nursed at home. Medequip will also be providing clinical consumables and clinical equipment to all adults with long-term conditions that fall into the specialist services category.

Medequip has also established the company’s very first retail shop in an acute setting at Royal Derby Hospital. This has now been open for over a year, although lockdown has restricted activities. The shop is already realising significant successes, complementing the contractual work and prescribed equipment with an expanded range of products for self-funders, supported by trained staff to advise on relevance and use.

Our partnership with NHS Derby & Derbyshire CCG and Derby City Council is based on experience, knowledge and mutual trust,” stated Glen Dennis, Operations Manager. “We look forward to building further on this relationship to continue to provide relevant and appropriate services to people living in the city, helping to keep them safe and independent at home.

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