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Connecting with Local Communities: Medequip’s New Sponsorship Pathway

Medequip's sponsorship team eagerly reviews a growing number of requests each year from our dedicated staff across the country, passionate about supporting local initiatives within our contract areas. Over time, we have proudly extended our support to after-school clubs, dementia sessions, Scout & Guide Shows, and charity sleepouts, as well as sponsoring kits for children's sports clubs nationwide.

Sponsorships are deeply ingrained in our company values, as we firmly believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Recently, we have introduced a new streamlined approval process for sponsorships within Medequip, aiming to focus on initiatives and clubs at the heart of our local communities and encourage our staff to get involved and support them in the future. This new pathway outlines the minimum requirements for funding, ensuring our resources are allocated towards impactful causes.

Throughout our contracts, Medequip staff are consistently going above and beyond to serve their local communities, even amidst their busy work schedules. Now, we are delighted to have the opportunity to recognise and reward those who invest extra time and effort into passion projects outside of work.

Take our latest sponsorship from our Kirklees contract, for example, where we have proudly become the kit sponsor for the Dalton Dynamos Youth Football Club. It's worth noting that the club is coached by one of our local technicians. Since the sponsorship, we have engaged in discussions about providing further support, including potentially sending staff to games to offer assistance and exploring additional possibilities for ongoing support.

Furthermore, our new sponsorships pathway has led us to form partnerships with major community trusts in our local communities. By collaborating with trusts that are already engaged in positive initiatives within the community, we are better positioned to anticipate and provide further support to their efforts, working hand in hand with them to benefit local residents.

Through our agreements with Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation, Rotherham United Community Sports Trust, Somerset County Cricket Club, Bristol Rovers Community Trust and Huddersfield Giants Community Trust, we have tapped into their local knowledge to serve in the most effective way possible.

This has included sponsoring disability team setups and weekly inclusive training classes, as well as providing support for dementia care sessions in nursing homes and lending a helping hand at events organised by the trusts.

Through the pathway and by re-committing to our chosen charity, Alzheimer’s Society, we have been able to up our efforts to have local staff volunteer in more events within our contracted areas. This year, we’ve managed to support at all 10 of Alzheimer’s Society’s Trek 26 events nationwide by manning checkpoints and water stops as well as assisting in setting up and closing down. We also have been encouraging staff to assist at local clubs and charitable events by offering volunteer days to help out within the community.

We remain committed to forging lasting and impactful connections within our communities for years to come. Our goal is to utilise our sponsorship budget to support local initiatives and represent the areas we serve to the best of our abilities.

Ultimately, we aim to implement this project across all our depots and celebrate the success that comes from the hard work put into this new pathway.

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