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New Medequip Partnership with Age UK Wirral to Encourage the Return of Community Equipment

Medequip Partnership with Age UK Wirral

Medequip is pleased to announce they have formed a new partnership with Age UK Wirral, the local independent charity that offers a wide variety of services to support older people, their families and carers in the Wirral.

Medequip has supported Wirral residents since July 2015 as providers of the Wirral Independence Service, which includes the supply, installation, repair, maintenance, collection and recycling of community equipment, once prescribed by a Health and Social Care professional.

The Wirral Independence Service also includes telecare monitoring and response, such as falls pick up, along with a dedicated Falls Prevention Service.

The partnership will see Medequip and Age UK Wirral working together to support each other’s aims and ongoing commitments in supporting Wirral residents.

Community equipment drop-off locations

Age UK Wirral charity shops will accept Medequip labelled community equipment that was prescribed to a Service User, but no longer needed. Drop-off locations also include the Devonshire Resource Centre in Birkenhead and the Meadowcroft Community Wellbeing Hub in Bromborough.

Age UK return locations Wirral

Why return equipment that is no longer required?

Local NHS and Social Care Services lose thousands of pounds each year due to missing equipment. All items returned will be assessed, safety tested and either repaired and reused or stripped down for recycling.

Jamie Anderson, Chief Executive of Age UK Wirral said:

"We are delighted to be working with the Council and Medequip to make it easier for people to return and recycle equipment that is no longer needed. More than ever before working together in partnership is essential to make sure that everyone can access the right help and support when they need it."

Roger Chester, Market Transformation & Contracts Lead for Wirral Health & Care Commissioning at Wirral Council said:

"The work Wirral Health and Care Commissioning along with Medequip does to ensure Wirral residents can live independently is extremely important. Supplying community equipment also supports our NHS with hospital discharges, so people can return to their home environment with equipment in place to help with daily living. Working in partnership with Age UK Wirral allows residents to have the option to return equipment that is no longer needed at their convenience. We thank Age UK Wirral for agreeing to have drop-off points within their shops and community centres. This enables us to support others who require that equipment and support the council’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon by 2041."

Alternatively, you can drop-off equipment directly to Medequip’s Bromborough depot or contact Medequip for a free and safe collection. Please call 0151 203 0404 or email

For more information, please visit the Bromborough service centre page.

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