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The Cost of Living Crisis and Powering Community Equipment

The Cost of Living Crisis and Powering Community Equipment

We are all faced with rising energy bills and inflation hiking up the cost of living. Community equipment specialists Medequip appreciate that people using powered equipment like variable height beds, rise and recline chairs, hoists and respiratory equipment for health and independence reasons will be experiencing concerns about the costs involved.

The media has quite correctly reported on the potential savings achieved by switching off equipment normally left on standby. For many items of community equipment, this is either not possible or may be detrimental to the operation of the equipment.

Working with key manufacturers, Medequip has developed a detailed information leaflet that identifies the potential costs of running individual pieces of equipment. These costs are based on a KWh rate of 34p, in line with the October 2022 energy price cap.

The leaflet also gives advice on how people can make small changes to reduce their energy consumption, based on data published by the Energy Saving Trust. Something as simple as turning lights off when leaving a room could save around £25 from an annual electricity bill, which may then cover the cost of powering a hoist for a whole year.

It’s important that people using community equipment services don’t let the cost of living crisis affect their independence and the use of vital equipment. Recognising the costs involved will provide reassurance. Please take the time to read the information leaflet and access the Frequently Asked Questions section, which also offers further information about how to stay safe and well this winter.

View the Cost of Living and Powering Your Community Equipment Information Leaflet [PDF].

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