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Introducing the New Alzheimer's Society Dream Team!

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Medequip has been proud to partner with the Alzheimer’s Society for some years now, staging fundraising initiatives across the company depots driven by Michaela Harris, General Manager South West and Suffolk, and Content Marketing Specialist Tom Rogers. With plans to further enhance fundraising efforts over the coming months, the pair have now been joined in their efforts by Accounts Manager Andrea Clifton and Medequip Connect’s Bid Writer and Content Marketer Tessa Duell.

Andrea’s long term involvement with community engagement and co-production within Medequip means she has a lot to bring to the table in terms of finding the right initiatives to encourage staff participation. Tessa will focus on developing the role Medequip Connect has to play in this important charitable initiative.

The four now schedule monthly meetings with Holly Quinn from the Alzheimer’s Society, who shares potential opportunities and helps the team progress future fundraising ideas.

This committed team is now moving forward with new ideas, working towards having every depot included in fundraising initially via specially produced packs and content then gearing up the efforts to boost fundraising totals across Medequip.

In support of this, the Alzheimer’s fundraising team are now ensuring that:-

  • Copies of the Alzheimer’s Society magazine/newsletters will be delivered to every depot to keep staff updated on what their donations are being used for and to inspire and encourage fundraising initiatives
  • Every depot in Medequip and Medequip Connect will shortly receive a new fundraising pack including a money pot, wristbands, pins and other items, available for sale to depot staff, visitors and family members and friends as part of the general fundraising drive
  • All Alzheimer’s Society Trek 26 events held in Medequip depot areas have been or will be attended by Medequip staff as volunteers
  • A number of larger events are also being planned, including football tournaments in Bristol and Rotherham)
  • Traditional Just Giving-based fundraisers are ongoing, such as the annual Fantasy Football League, the Women’s World Cup and potentially the Men’s Rugby League World Cup.
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