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Hema Spreads the Medequip Word

Hema Mistry

Medequip’s new Business Development Manager, Hema Mistry brings with her a wealth of experience in public sector procurement as well as personal networking. Hema is focusing on getting the message out there to local authorities and community organisations covering what Medequip does, and how we do it differently. She’ll be liaising with ‘in-house’ providers to understand what’s important to them as we continue to #ShareTheJourney.

What was your background before you joined Medequip?

I joined Medequip from a local authority post with responsibility for contracts, so I was aware of Community Equipment Services and the role they play in social care. Prior to that, I worked in education for ten years. I loved the local authority role, the connection with the community and supporting prescribers on what were often very complex issues. The outcomes, when you know an individual has received a really great service, are so rewarding.

Have you always been involved with community organisations?

I’ve always been committed to being community-based, in my personal life as well as my professional career. I’ve been involved in a residents association, part of a wider Safer Neighbourhood ward panel scheme since inception, and I’m now a board member of the Brent Police Independent Advisory Group, supporting initiatives like women walking safely in parks. I was also selected as a candidate for our local elections last year, and although I didn’t win, it was the connections with the community at grass roots level and the links I made that meant this was such a great experience for me.

How did you find your first few months with Medequip?

Working at local authority level, I gained a very real insight into how commissioners and prescribers operate and the challenges they face. When I came to Medequip, it was a revelation to see at first hand how the other side of the service works to meet their expectations.

I spent time with technicians on the road and recognised what a very complex service this is. The dynamics are totally different, dealing with people as individuals and helping them in very practical ways. It’s a provision that demands real flexibility as people’s needs differ so much. I have seen the commitment of technicians who won’t leave an installation until the person they are helping is completely happy with how to use their equipment to its best potential, regardless of the long list of calls they still have to make!

This is where I believe Medequip is particularly good in terms of the ability to make a connection with the people we serve, demonstrating real empathy. We know we’re dealing with providing equipment to people when they are at their most vulnerable, and I’m proud of how well we do that.

How do you see your role developing?

Different locations have different dynamics, and I’m looking to find out how we can do things in a different way. Medequip is looking to work within the communities where we provide a service, engaging with local groups to find out what is required for that area and that community. I’m also looking to learn about how in-house providers work, and how we can communicate to share knowledge and best practice as part of our #Share the Journey initiative.

We plan to develop further links and connections with our communities, letting people and associations know that there is equipment out there available to them and how this can change a person’s life, both in terms of support and a level of independence. In short, we’re letting people know about Medequip’s potential into the future as well as our current capacities.

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