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Medequip Awarded Sensory Equipment Contract

We've expanded our scope of work for Derbyshire Council with the addition of a new contract covering the supply of equipment provided to enhance quality of life for people living with hearing and vision impairment or loss. The contract runs for two years and includes installation and maintenance services.

Medequip has managed community equipment services for Derbyshire Council for over 15 years. This new sensory equipment contract was awarded following a competitive tender process, and will run for one year with an option to extend.

Sensory equipment provided by Medequip under the scope of this contract is comprehensive and varied, including personal listening aids, Megaloop listening systems, alarm clocks, talking watches, phone triggers and doorbell alerts as well as talking kitchen equipment such as scales and measuring devices. Equipment developed to assist those with visual impairment has been selected on recommendation by organisations including the RNIB.

Commenting for Medequip, Steve Smith, General Manager North East stated, Supply of sensory equipment is a service which sits well with our community equipment facilities. Additional training for our staff ensures that we can provide a tailored facility matching the special requirements of users with vision and hearing impairment.

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